School Days Off at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum

School Days Off at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

March 31st | April 6, 11,12,13, & 14

Join us for drop-in, FREE family-friendly activities at the museum on “No School” days  for the Madison Metropolitan School District. School Days Off at the Museum is from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

March 31st Paracord bracelets: One activity used to help veterans suffering from PTSD is to make paracord bracelets. Make your own bracelet and discover how calming it can be!

April 6th Tissue Paper Poppies: It’s 100 years ago today that the United States entered into WWI. Learn more about Wisconsin troops in France, why the poppy is often used as a symbol of remembrance for the war, and make your own tissue paper poppy.

April 11th World War I Gas Masks: Learn about innovations and tactics used in WWI and how those innovations changed modern warfare. Make a simplified gas mask that people still use today.

April 12th Clothespin Airplanes: The first time major battles are fought in the air is during WWI. Find out about some famous pilots from Wisconsin and make your own clothespin airplane model.

April 13th Miniature Lighthouses: The Navy and Coast Guard played important roles in WWI. Learn about what they did, how lighthouses were used to help the war effort, and build a miniature lighthouse of your own

April 14th Trench Art: Soldiers in the trenches of WWI made art out of things they found lying around. Choose from our stash of common found objects to make your own masterpiece.


Wisconsin Veterans Museum

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum is an educational activity of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs to commemorate, acknowledge, and affirm the role of Wisconsin citizens in American military history, past and present.

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