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Virtual Programming & Mess Night Sponsor

During the closure of the museum in 2020 and into 2021, staff continued to work diligently behind-the-scenes to provide you with online content and programming, which proved to be a huge success! Due to a larger reach across the U.S. and abroad, the museum will continue to provide some virtual programming with events such as Drink and Draw, Trivia Night and the popular Curator Conversations.

We are currently looking for our Mess Night sponsor. Mess Night at the Museum, is a popular themed dinner lecture series. This immersion experience coordinates a meal, lecture, and carefully curated atmosphere to create an engaging in-person learning experience.

The Foundation’s goal is to raise $3,000 to be the major sponsor of Mess Night at the Museum. In return, your name will appear as a major sponsor ($3,000 for Mess Night), with credit given during the in-person quarterlyprogram, as well as in all print and online advertising related to this project.

Financial contributions will be needed in order to provide the base from which to build a solid foundation for promoting and preserving these events and the history of Wisconsin's veterans. By enlisting your help, the Wisconsin Veterans Museum Foundation will be able to further the museum's high standards in public programming.

Together we can help keep our veteran's legacies alive!

To make a donation today, click here.

To learn more about upcoming events, visit

To watch past programs, subscribe to the museum's YouTube Channel here!

Exhibit Maintenance & Updates

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum's exhibits explore themes related to the veterans’ experience. The curatorial team annually identifies necessary repairs and improvements in the galleries that need addressing and create a priority list. With the Foundation’s support the museum is able to procure necessary additional casework, replacements for scratched vitrines, as well upgrade several video kiosk programs that are outdated in terms of technology and video quality.

The Foundation’s goal is to raise $5,000 to pay for these upgrades. In return, your organization's name/logo will appear as a major sponsor ($5,000+), with credit in all print and online advertising related to this project.

Donations will help us continue to educate the public by providing these upgrades to the exhibits for all to enjoy. To make a donation today, click here. For more information, contact (608)261-0536.

Research, Digitization, Conservation & Acquisitions

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Services preserves the materials that tell the stories of the Wisconsinites who valiantly served our nation in its times of need. The Wisconsin Veterans Museum Foundation has provided funds for acquisitions, research, digitization and preservation.

The Artifact Collection has over 26,000 three-dimensional artifacts, over 2,000 cubic feet of archival material, over 2,500 oral history interviews and 150,000 photographs. There are many items in the collection in need of conservation and digitization of our oral histories to make them available to the public. With the Wisconsin Veterans Museum Foundation’s financial support, an ambitious conservation effort began to preserve a number of items for future generations, give greater access to scholars, and allow the public the chance to view and appreciate them.

The Foundation’s goal is to provide $5,000 annually to purchase acquisitions for the collection, $3,750 for digitization of the oral histories and between $8,000 to $10,000 for items in need of conservation. In return for your major sponsorship, your organization’s name/logo will appear as a major sponsor ($8,000 for conservation, $3,750 for digitization and/or $5,000 for purchase), with credit given on the website, as well as in all print and online advertising related to this project.

Help us purchase and conserve these important stories for all to enjoy!

To make a donation today, click here. For more information, contact (608)261-0536.

Veterans Legacy Society

For more than 100 years the Wisconsin Veterans Museum has preserved the stories of Wisconsin’s veterans. Now you can join the effort! For as little as $25 dollars a month, your sustaining membership ensures the legacies of our Wisconsin men and women who served in the military, are honored in perpetuity. Best of all, you will join a group of individuals who value the legacy of Wisconsin’s veterans.  Please join us in supporting one of the special projects listed here:

  • Wisconsin Civil War Battle Flag Conservation – Join the effort to preserve these precious flags before they’re lost to history. Learn more here.
  • Acquisitions – Help the WVM acquire significant objects and archival materials.
  • Traveling Exhibit Fund – Support traveling exhibits at the WVM.
  • Oral History Program - Support our veterans story collection.
  • Education Fund – Support educational initiatives at the WVM.

Planned Giving

Gifts of Appreciated Stock
A contribution of long-term appreciated securities entitles you to a charitable deduction equal to the fair market value of the securities. This option allows you to avoid paying capital gains taxes on these securities.

Information to make a gift of stock to the Wisconsin Veterans Museum Foundation:
DTC#: 0457
Broker/Dealer: Robert W. Baird & Co.
Account #: 5747-0445
Account Name: Wisconsin Veterans Museum Foundation

Charitable Remainder Trusts

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum Foundation offers several ways for you to make a gift while retaining income for yourself and/or another beneficiary through charitable remainder trusts. This kind of trust may enable you to:

  • Provide for yourself and another beneficiary
  • Save on estate and inheritance taxes
  • Generate an income tax deduction
  • Avoid capital gains taxes

Bequests: Put the Foundation in Your Will
A will is an effective way to help preserve Wisconsin's veterans heritage.

Gifts of Life Insurance
Life insurance offers an attractive method for making a substantial gift for charitable purposes.

To discuss Planned Giving, please call the Foundation office at (608) 261-0536.

Honor a Veteran

Honor a veteran by making a gift today in his/her memory or in honor of your special friend/relative. This gift will help support the Wisconsin Veterans Museum's extraordinary educational programs and award-winning exhibits. This is an excellent way for you to recognize their service and sacrifices they made to our country.

Gifts in honor or in memory of your special friend/relative will receive special recognition in the Wisconsin Veterans Museum’s quarterly publication, The Bugle.

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum Foundation thanks you for making this special gift in honor / memory of your special friend / relative. Visit to make your gift today and we will make sure the appropriate person(s) are acknowledged.

Corporate Support

  • Will include information on sponsorship opportunities
  • Will include link to Corporate Membership benefit information
  • Have list of corporate supporters who’s giving level lets them have their name/logo on the page
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