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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Interviewer: We’re here today to interview Mr. John Pavlik. Mr. John Pavlik is a veteran of World War I.

Segment Synopsis: The interviewer introduces Pavlik, who explains how he came to be involved in the armed services. Pavlik explains that he served from April, 3rd, 1917 through May 30th, 1919.

00:03:13 - Time in France / Post-Armistice time

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Partial Transcript: Interviewer: And when you were overseas I’m assuming you were in France.

Segment Synopsis: Pavlik describes his general deployments across France over the course of the war. Pavlik also briefly describes his time in the Army of Occupation.

00:06:53 - In Flanders Fields

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Partial Transcript: Pavlik: As you know when we got home we soon found out that some of our newspaper people that were covering the war by looking in the files of the Stars & Stripes--

Segment Synopsis: Pavlik explains the origins of the poem, In Flanders Fields, and recites the original poem, and the American response to the original poem. The interview concludes when Pavlik finishes reciting the poetry.