The Life and Letters of World War I Aerial Observer Lt. Mortimer M. Lawrence – August 1917

Co. C. 41st Infantry,

Fort Snelling, Minn.,

Aug. 2, 1917.

Dear Folks:-

Received your letters and yesterday afternoon received by parcel post a bundle of Saturday Evening Posts from April 7th to July 28th inclusive. They were all labeled B.K. Mills and had a Western Malleables tag so I judged they came from Mill and have written them thanking them for the package.

Everything is about the same here. We are not out of quarantine and will not be before Sunday.

You wrote me about the kit the Red Cross was going to send. That will be fine.

Of course you can send me a cake for my birthday but don’t send it unless I let you know in advance positively where to send it because I may or may not be with my company. The cake can come any time. I don’t know of anything else I want or need.

Had a letter from Ruth today inviting me to dinner Sunday but I am afraid I can’t make it.

Will you please have Will look up and see if he can get me a pocket edition Gillette, one of the new style that comes in a flat metal case. The one I have is rather bulky to carry around as it won’t roll up in anything small. If Will can get what I want have him send for it and I will see that he gets the money in a few weeks.

Must stop now. Love to all,



Post Hospital,

Fort Snelling, Minn



Dear Folks:-

Please don’t be alarmed by the heading on this letter as there isn’t anything serious the matter with me. I have a badly swollen right foot and ankle and have been sent to the hospital so as to keep off my feet. I don’t know what is wrong with my foot unless it is insect bites of some kind but I can’t get a shoe on. It will be O.K. in a few days.

I came here yesterday, a fine way to celebrate, I think. Fortunately I am not on a diet and the eats are rather better than I have been getting so I should be annoyed at having a rest.

I was to have joined my company this afternoon but will have to wait a few days now.

You may not hear from me every day but I will do the best I can. Don’t worry if I miss a day because there is nothing serious the matter with me.

Love to all,