Souvenirs of Service: the Things They Kept

Wisconsin servicemembers have been collecting souvenirs since the Civil War. Learn the stories of the things they kept beginning November 5.

American service members have a reputation for collecting souvenirs. Whether it be something they have picked up from a Civil War battlefield or trinkets purchased to remember a duty station in Baghdad, each object was saved for a reason. To those who collected these objects, they mean much more than a dust grabber on a shelf or stuff kept in the attic. The exhibit seeks to convey to the viewer that significance and to prompt you, the viewer, to consider what you collect and why.

Public Opening
November 5 at 10am

The media is welcome to preview the exhibit at these times:
11/4  1:30-3:30pm
11/5  8-10am

Please contact Jennifer Stevenson to reserve an interview slot.
Ph: 608.224.9653



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