Traveling Exhibits

The traveling exhibits consist of indoor, easy-to-assemble, pop-up banners available to local libraries, historic societies, schools and community spaces throughout the state. There is no cost to reserve and host the exhibit, only shipping costs apply. For more information or to inquire about traveling exhibit availability call (608) 261-0541 or email the curator of exhibits.

Fur, Feathers and Fidelity: Military Mascots–Traveling Exhibit

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum’s Marching Across the State, Fur, Feathers and Fidelity: Military Mascots traveling exhibit features Mascots and their important service in the military. Whether a lion, a monkey, or a dog, military mascots are a source of pride and morale for troops...


Working Warriors: Military Life Beyond Combat–Traveling Exhibit

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum’s Marching Across the State, Working Warriors: Military Life Beyond Combat traveling exhibit features the almost 75% of military work that is considered non-combat...


Wisconsin Remembers: A Face For Every Name–Traveling Exhibit

Wisconsin Public Radio, Wisconsin Public Television, and the Wisconsin Veterans Museum are proud to introduce Wisconsin Remembers: A Face for Every Name as part of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum's Traveling Exhibit Program...


WWI Beyond the Trenches: Stories from the Front–Traveling Exhibit

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum’s WWI Beyond the Trenches: Stories from the Front traveling exhibit marks the centennial of the First World War. Over 122,000 Wisconsin men and women served on land, sea, and in the air during World War I...


I Am Not Invisible (IANI)

The I Am Not Invisible (IANI) awareness campaign began as a program featuring twenty photographs of Oregon women who were military veterans. Now a nationwide program, the IANI campaign strives to increase awareness and generate dialogue about the role of women veterans...


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