January 2022 Virtual! Drink & Draw: Sumi Ink Painting


Welcome to Sumi Ink Painting. Using an image from the Wisconsin Veterans Museum collection, guest artist Amber Zora will teach about Sumi Ink Painting and explore materials with essentials about paper, brushes, brush strokes, controlling water, and ways to use your brushes to the fullest abilities. You will look at the elements of composition and design principles in historical ink paintings to discover how artists have used negative space. Also, we will discuss different image transfer techniques to map out a composition. Let’s start working on an ink painting together and by the end of the course you will have the techniques you need to complete your ink painting on your own.

Drink & Draw Kit: Sumi Ink

Need supplies?

Order your Sumi Ink Drink & Draw Kit from our Museum Shop. Check out the kit here: https://store.wisvetsmuseum.com/product/drink-n-draw-art-kit-sumi/

Materials Needed

Paper – Watercolor Paper (Cotton, 9”x12”) Arches 140 lb cold press is great if you have it. A small bottle of sumi inkTwo jars of waterBrushes – 3 Round Brushes: 1 small (#2 – 4), 1 Medium (#6 – 8), 1 Large (#12 – 14)Paper towelPalette – 3 separate mixing areasPencil and eraser

Amber Zora is an interdisciplinary artist based in Rapid City, SD. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography + Integrated Media from Ohio University. Zora has exhibited her work in local and national galleries including the San Francisco Arts Commission, the Las Vegas Contemporary Art Center and the National Veteran Art Museum, among other notable spaces.

Zora was enlisted in the US Army for 8 years and deployed to Qayyarah West, Iraq as an ammunition specialist from 2006-2007 with the 592nd Ordnance Company.

This event is free of charge and open to anyone who registers. We will send you a link to join the event after you register.

From the collection of Robert W. Devaul, WVM.1934.I021 Click on the image to learn more about his service.


Sketch or transfer your drawing prior to the tutorial to save time. Here is an example from our guest artist. You may transfer the image using a lightbox, window, or graphite paper.




Program funding made possible by the Wisconsin Veterans Museum Foundation through the generous support of Generac Power Systems.