March 2022 Virtual! Drink & Draw: Trace Monoprint Memory Drawings

A traced drawing of a soldier sitting in a small boat with a fishing pole. There is a small dock in the background with trees and a house in the distance.


Please join us for a special two-hour Virtual Drink & draw where we will be recording live from our storefront window in conjunction with the 2022 Southern Graphics International Printmaking Conference being held right her in Madison, Wisconsin. Using images from the Wisconsin Veterans Museum collection, WVM’s resident artist and Army veteran Yvette M. Pino will demonstrate how to make trace monoprint memory drawings. Some special supplies will be required, but not to worry—we will teach alternate methods using art supplies you may have around the house like pencils and crayons. Also, the supply list is posted super early so you can gather any materials you will need. No experience is necessary, so grab a beverage and get ready to make an impression with these trace monoprint drawings.

Drink & Draw events are a longstanding tradition in the art community where people gather to draw in a welcoming environment without inhibitions. Although the events often coincide with happy-hour style programming, there is no requirement or emphasis on alcoholic consumption. Some of the best attended Drink & Draws are dry and we are just fine with that. If you or a loved one is a veteran struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, please reach out to your local VA and/or the Veterans Crisis hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Supply List

Please print out a selection of these photos before the event so you can trace over them. (Photos will be added soon.)

Standard Drawing Supplies:

  • Drawing Paper, skecthbook paper or printer paper, and newsprint
  • Pencils, sketching, soft lead
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Pens, ball point
  • Crayons, several black crayons, or darker color
  • Paper Towels

Specialty Printmaking Supplies:

  • Slow drying, water-based printmaking ink like Akua or Speedball
  • Small Brayer
  • Low tack tape
  • Print paper (Strathmore lightweight printmaking paper works well)
  • Small framing mat, or scrap paper to create protective border
  • Plexiglass palette
  • A draw bar helps
  • Pencil
  • Various styluses

*Alternate supplies if you don’t have access to printmaking supplies:

  • Crayons, several black crayons, or darker color
  • Charcoal or chalk pastels
  • Chalk, various colors
  • Soft-lead graphite pencil
  • Printer paper or tracing paper