Petty Officer Second Class Carroll

Kelli J. Carroll served from 1984 to 2004 in the Supply Corps of the United States Navy. She has served aboard the USS Cape Cod, USS Shasta, and the USS Corondo. Her interview gives an insider’s view of living aboard ships, long deployments out at sea, and the little things that make the Navy such a unique branch of the armed forces. She discusses her work in supply, making chief petty officer, developing as a leader, and the lasting, influential friendships that she has made across her Navy career.

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Photograph sent to Carroll’s mother by Carroll’s mentor Kathy.

Photographs of Carroll’s reenlistment aboard the USS Corondo (AGF-11) in 2001.

Carroll receiving an award aboard the USS Cope Cod (AD-43).

1992 at Nexcen in N.Y. for my Sailor of the Year [award].

Carroll aboard the USS Coronado (AGF-11).

Manning the rails on USS Shasta, pulling into San Fran.

Pinning Ceremony Chief 1993, with my mentor & best friend Kathy (also gay).

A hungry ship store operator eating Japanese food with chop sticks. 1986 1st deployment.

Chief Pinning ceremony USS Cape Cod AD-43 1993.

Re-enlistment on the USS Arizona 1985.

In route to Hawaii, Sept. 86. Steel beach picnic.

Me with my mom and Dad at my grandfather’s funeral.

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