Voices from Afghanistan

The Voices from Afghanistan Series is a five-part audio blog where we explore stories from Wisconsin veterans who served in Afghanistan from 2001-2021. All the audio segments in this series were taken from full-length interviews from the Wisconsin Veterans Museum Oral Collection. These interviews provide first-hand accounts and insights on the conflict in Afghanistan.

Please be advised:
These interviews may contain potentially disturbing content related to combat as well as sensitive material relating to PTSD, trauma, sexual assault, and moral injury. We appreciate the bravery of the narrators in sharing their stories—please be respectful when engaging with these interviews.


Daily Life

The Enemy

Interactions with Afghani Citizens

Train and Assist

Voices from Afghanistan was created by WVM's Oral History Summer Interns, Rachelle Halaska, Tristan Krause, and Matthew Scharpf, and was produced in partnership with The Bubbler at Madison Public Library’s Media Lab, and with Audrey Martinovich from Audio for the Arts.

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