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Souvenirs of Service: The Things They Kept
Travel through the collecting trends and traditions our men and women in service followed. See what is unique to each era and what remains constant throughout.

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Live or virtual museum events take you deeper into the amazing stories of our veterans and the eras during which they served.

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You will find items to recognize every branch of service at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum Gift Shop. Feel great knowing proceeds from your purchases support museum programming.

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Every Veteran Is A Story

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum is dedicated to the people of Wisconsin who served in the armed forces and honors and affirms the role of all veterans in shaping Wisconsin military history and that of the nation. The Wisconsin Veterans Museum is an educational activity of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum: the Source for Wisconsin Military History

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum exists to share and preserve the stories of all Wisconsin veterans. On the pages of this site, especially the blog, dig into the veteran experience and their service to our communities, state, and nation.

Beginning with the Wisconsin Civil War regiments view regimental history and the battle flags that guided them.  Through to veterans in recent service, explore what our servicemembers did, how that work impacted themselves and their families, and how their service contributed to national and global security.

In addition, for an understanding of the contributions of Wisconsin veterans and to preserve and share their legacy, the museum has more than 2800 oral history interviews with veterans from World War I through to the 21st century. Furthermore, our database of service records for Wisconsin veterans provide details of the who, where, and when. Scout our collections for thousands of service-related three-dimensional objects, papers, diaries, and photographs documenting and preserving Wisconsin military history. Begin your exploration and plan your visit.

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The Wisconsin Veterans Museum is an educational activity of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs dedicated to sharing Wisconsin military history.

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