Rules & Regulations

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum welcomes the public to view original letters, diaries, photographs, publications, and more in our Research Center. We take our stewardship of these materials very seriously, and thus apply the following rules and regulations to all on-site researchers:

  1. All food and beverages are prohibited in the Research Center. This includes gum, candy, water, coffee, and tea.
  2. Researchers must place their personal belongings in the free, secure lockers available on-site. This includes coats, bags, purses, books, and notebooks.
  3. Only materials for conducting research may be brought into the Research Center, such as a loose leaf paper, a laptop computer, or pencil.
  4. All researchers must sign in at the front desk daily and fill out an annual registration form on their first visit of the calendar year. Photo ID is required.
  5. Call slips must be completed for all items requested.
  6. Once materials have been pulled, researchers may only have one box on their table at a time. They may only take one folder out of the box at a time, and materials within each folder must be kept in order.
  7. Materials must be kept flat on the table and handled gently. Researchers must not place anything on top of materials, such as notepaper, and cannot make any marks on materials.
  8. A photocopier is available for use at $0.20 per copy, but researchers should check with staff before making any copies. Cameras and personal copying equipment are not allowed without special permission.
  9. Researchers must inform staff when they are finished with materials and sign out before departing. Research Center staff reserves the right to inspect any notes or photocopies before they leave the reading room.

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Russell Horton
Reference & Outreach Archivist
Contact Russ: 608.267.1790 or

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Research Center Hours
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