The Green Bay Tribes: Volunteer Service in the Civil War

The Green Bay Tribes In 1861 three American Indian nations had reservations located in northeastern Wisconsin and reported to the federal Indian Agent located in Green Bay. Because of this, they were often referred to as the Green Bay tribes. The Menominee, Oneida, and Stockbridge-Munsee Mohicans each had a unique

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Headshot photo of James K. Overman

Oneida Warrior James K. Overman on racism and rescuing pilots

James K. Overman of Delafield, Wisconsin, is the son of a World War I veteran and raised with a love for aviation. After receiving a draft notice in 1951, a year after graduating high school, Overman opted to enlist in the Air Force to ensure he got to fly planes

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The Wisconsin Veterans Museum (WVM) collects and publishes a substantial number of veteran interviews from the Fox Valley and the surrounding area. Additionally, we act as the dark archives for several interviews from that region of Wisconsin. These Fox Valley oral history interviews range from the current day back to World

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