17th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment


The Seventeenth Wisconsin Infantry Regiment (17th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment) organized at Camp Randall, Madison, Wisconsin, and mustered into U.S. service on March 15, 1862.  The regiment left the state on March 23, directly heading to St. Louis. Then, on April 10, they went on to Pittsburg Landing, TN, disembarking there on April 14. 

Active Duty 

They took part in the advance on Corinth, the following siege from April 29 to June 10, and in the Battle of Corinth from October 3 to 4, 1862.  Early in November they reported to Grand Junction, TN, to take part in the contemplated advance upon Vicksburg. Until January 1863, they actively engaged in various movements in western Tennessee.  

In late January, they traveled to Memphis, Tennessee. Further, they traveled down the Mississippi River reaching Youngs Point, LA, on January 25, 1863. They encamped there and at Lake Providence. Then, on May 12, they crossed the River at Grand Gulf, joining Grant's army actively engaged in the campaign.  

They took part in the battle of Champions Hill on May 16. Then, on May 19, they took their place in the trenches at the beginning of the siege of Vicksburg. They participated in Vicksburg until the surrender on July 4, 1863. After, on July 14, they traveled along with other troops to an occupied Natchez, MS. The Seventeenth remained until the latter part of October 1863, when it returned to Vicksburg.  During their stay at Natchez, they participated in multiple scouting expeditions and skirmishes.  

On May 5, 1864, the Seventeenth was assigned to the Third Brigade, Third Division of the Seventeenth Army Corps Army of the Tennessee, of Sherman's Army, and as a part of such organization participated in the Atlanta Campaign, May 1 to September 8, 1864.   

The Seventeenth participated in several actions to follow. They engaged in the battles of Kennesaw Mountain, Chattahoochee River, Jonesborough, and Lovejoy Station.  

 Then, they fought in the "March to the Sea", from November 15 to December 21, and in the Campaign of the Carolinas from January 1 to April 26, 1865. During this time, they participated in the Battle of Bentonville from March 19 to 24. Lastly, they participated in the Grand Review at Washington on May 24, before they were sent to Louisville, Kentucky. In Kentucky, they mustered out on July 14, 1865.  The regiment reached Madison on July 17, then soon after disbanded. 


The Seventeenth Infantry Regiment lost 41 men to mortal wounds and 228 men to disease. 

For Further Research

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The histories above, unless otherwise noted, are adopted from Charles E. Estabrook, ed., Records and Sketches of Military Organizations, (Madison, 1914).