24th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment


The Twenty-Fourth Wisconsin Infantry Regiment organized at Camp Sigel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They mustered into the service of the United States on August 15, 1862.  Following, they left the state September 5 for Louisville, KY, then went on to Covington, KY. 

Active Duty 

In Kentucky, they were assigned to field duty in north central Kentucky.  They participated in the battle at Chaplin Hills on October 8, 1862.  After, the regiment engaged with other forces in minor movements. These included expeditions to Danville, Bowling Green, and also movements to Nashville.  From there they traveled to the vicinity of Murfreesboro, TN in late December. Then, they participated in the battle of Stones River on December 31 until January 1, 1863.  

After the battle, the Twenty-Fourth was on duty in and around Murfreesboro and vicinity. In June, the regiment marched southward with the Army of the Cumberland under the command of Gen. Rosecrans in the Tullahoma Campaign, from June 23 to July 7, 1863.  After some short assignments, they took part in the advance from Bridgeport, AL toward Chattanooga, TN, in September. Then, they participated in the battle of Chickamauga, GA, September 19 to 20.  On November 25 they engaged in the celebrated battle at Missionary Ridge. They were one of the regiments which shortly thereafter marched with the Fourth Corps to the relief of Knoxville. In this, they took part in a very arduous march taking the greater part of December and January 1864. 

On May 3, 1864, the Twenty Fourth rejoined the army under General Sherman near Chattanooga.  They participated in the advance of the Union forces on Rocky Face, and subsequently, the Atlanta Campaign from May 1 to September 8, 1864. Some of their actions included in the battles of Resaca on May 15, Adairsville on May 17, the movements around Dalton, May 18-19, and several battles around Dallas from May 26 to June 1. After, they would participate in the operations about Kennesaw Mountain from June 10 to July 2. They they’d take part in the assault on Kennesaw June 27. Following, they took part in the battle of Peach Tree Creek July 20 and the Siege of Atlanta July 22 to August 25. Next, they had operations around Lovejoy Station from September 2 to 6, 1864.  

In late September, the Twenty Fourth was designated as one of the regiments to return northward to oppose the advance of the Confederates under General Hood.  Following the order, the 24th reached Chattanooga on September 24. After taking part in various stages of the Union retreat, they participated in the battle of Franklin, on November 30. They also had part in the battle of Nashville, December 15-16, 1864, where the Confederates were decisively defeated. The 24th participated in the subsequent pursuit of the Confederates, marching as far south as Florence, AL until the pursuit was abandoned on December 29.  

Later, the 24th Infantry returned to Huntsville. After various movements, they reached Nashville on April 24 and went into camp.  On June 10, 1865, the regiment mustered out of the service. After, they reached Milwaukee on the 15 and disbanded. 


The 24th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment lost 8 officers and 103 men to mortal wounds. Along with 3 officers and 87 men to disease. 

For Further Research

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The histories above, unless otherwise noted, are adopted from Charles E. Estabrook, ed., Records and Sketches of Military Organizations, (Madison, 1914).

National Colors 24th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment

Red, white, and blue with gold fringe. 34 stars.