25th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment


The 25th Infantry Regiment was organized at Camp Salomon in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and mustered into the United States Army on September 14, 1862. On September 19, the regiment proceeded to St. Paul, Minnesota, as part of the force to suppress the Dakota War. The regiment was detached and assigned to various posts in Minnesota. In late November, the 25th was relieved and forced to march over 300 miles to Winona, Minnesota. They finally reached Camp Randall in Wisconsin on December 18. The men were furloughed for a short time and then reassembled in camp. On February 17, 1863, the regiment left Wisconsin and proceeded to Cairo, Illinois.

Active Duty

In late May, the 25th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment embarked down the Mississippi River to join the forces under General Ulysses S. Grant in the Vicksburg Campaign. The 25th was engaged in various expeditions in the Yazoo River valley and vicinity of Vicksburg, as well as incursions into Arkansas, during the months of May, June, July, and August 1863.

The 25th spent most of the latter half of 1863 at Helena, Arkansas, or in the district of East Arkansas. In late January 1864, the regiment proceeded to Vicksburg and took part in the Meridian Campaign, February 3-6, 1864. After the campaign, the regiment participated in various movements, including duties at Columbus, Kentucky, Crumps Landing, Tennessee, Decatur, and Huntsville, Alabama. The regiment reached Chattanooga, Tennessee, on May 5, 1864, and was assigned to Sherman's Army.

On May 9, as part of the 17th Corps of the Army of the Tennessee, the 25th took its place in line of battle at Resaca, Georgia. From that time, the regiment was a part of Sherman's army, following him in the Atlanta, Savannah, and Carolina campaigns. Like other forces with Sherman, the 25th was almost constantly on the march and in frequent contact with the enemy during the Atlanta Campaign. The regiment took part in many engagements, including Resaca (May 15, 1864), the advance on Dallas (May 18-25), the battles of Dallas, New Hope Church, and Pumpkin Vine Creek (May 25-June 5), the assault on Kennesaw Mountain (June 27), the battle of Atlanta (July 21-22), Jonesborough (September 1), and Lovejoy Station (September 2-4).

Accompanying the Army of the Tennessee, the 25th left Atlanta on November 15, 1864, on the "March to the Sea." The regiment participated in the siege of Savannah from December 10-21, 1864.

On January 13, 1865, the 25th commenced the march through the Carolinas, participating in various minor engagements and the battle of Bentonville (March 19-20, 1865). The regiment was actively engaged until the surrender of Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston on April 26, 1865.

The 25th took part in the Grand Review at Washington, D.C., on May 24, 1865. The regiment went into camp at that city and remained there until June 7, when it was mustered out of service. The regiment returned to Madison, Wisconsin, and was disbanded on June 11, 1865.


The regiment lost three officers and 46 enlisted men who were killed and mortally wounded. Seven officers and 402 enlisted men died by disease.

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