Standard, 1st Cavalry

1st Wisconsin Cavalry

Recruitment and Training Recruiting for the First Wisconsin Cavalry (1st Wisconsin Cavalry) regiment was authorized in the summer of 1861. Camp Fremont at Ripon, WI, was designated as the rendezvous.  It became necessary to change the location and the camp was changed to Camp Harvey, Kenosha, WI, on the November

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Poetry and Proverbs

By Russell Horton, Reference Archivist “If I die a prisoner of war, I would like to have this diary sent to my Father, A. Ingersoll, Waupun, Wis.” -Frank J. Ingersoll, Diary Entry, ca. September 1864 In the first two years of the Civil War, soldiers from either side of the

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The Statue on the Square by Guest Author Bob Drane

Have you ever noticed, amidst the festivities of a Farmer’s Market Saturday on Madison’s Capital Square, the moment when visitors come upon the statue of that soldier on King Street – a young man in uniform, standing tall, eyes fixed on the horizon, somehow intent on moving forward on behalf

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