Nurses at Base Hospital 22

Roses of No Man’s Land – Base Hospital 22

At the Outbreak of War: Army Nursing Corps During World War I, the entire nation was mobilized for service. As in the Civil War and other previous conflicts, women answered the call by volunteering as nurses. This exhibit concerns itself with two people and one unit with Wisconsin ties. Helen Bulovsky

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Finis la Guerre: The Eleventh Hour and the End of World War I

By Kevin Hampton, Curator of History On this Veterans Day, we mark the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended World War I and a closing of the official centennial commemorations. As the days and weeks around Veterans Day will be busy with various programs and ceremonies, when you hear

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Helen Bulovsky-The Wild Nightmare

by Kevin Hampton, Curator of History   “…the thing that seems to do the boys most good is to see and hear American girls talk.” Helen Bulovsky always wanted to care for others. When war came, she was determined to do her part. Despite a chronic heart condition that all

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