I Am Not Invisible
Wisconsin Women Veterans

About the I Am Not Invisible Awareness Campaign

The I Am Not Invisible (IANI) awareness campaign began as a program featuring twenty photographs of Oregon women who were military veterans. Now a nationwide program, the IANI campaign strives to increase awareness and generate dialogue about the role of women veterans.

By spotlighting the many faces of this diverse and important segment of the veteran community, I Am Not Invisible exhibits across the country aim to increase awareness and dialogue about women veterans, as well as open viewers’ eyes to the myriad levels of expertise of women veterans. The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs through the Wisconsin Veterans Museum created their IANI exhibit centered around a photograph of the woman veteran accompanied by a quote tied to their military service.

Wisconsin Women Veterans

I Am Not Invisible in Wisconsin

Short interviews were held with Wisconsin women veterans who participated in the Wisconsin I Am Not Invisible Campaign from January 17 to 18, 2019. During that time, United States Veterans Affairs photographer, Eugene Russell, took photographs featured here as part of the nationwide Veterans Affairs I Am Not Invisible campaign.

The purpose of this project was to complete long-form oral history interviews with the IANI participants in order to give them an opportunity to share their stories at length and add the stories to the museum collections. The online project page and access was completed by Luke Sprague in November 2019. Please note work on the IANI oral history project is still being compiled and more content will be forthcoming. View our oral history page for additional interviews of veterans from the Spanish-American War to 21st c. service.

Please be advised:
These interviews may contain potentially disturbing content related to combat as well as sensitive material relating to PTSD, trauma, sexual assault, and moral injury. We appreciate the bravery of the narrators in sharing their stories—please be respectful when engaging with these interviews

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